02 Oct

Basic deck

basic deck

A Basic only Hunter deck focused on quickly gaining and maintaining a board advantage. Trump has made a bunch of basic decks. These are made for players who just reached level 10 with a class and doesn't assume they have any other cards at all. Basic / Starter Hearthstone Decks and Guides for new players to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. ‎ New Players & Beginner Guides · ‎ Hearthstone Budget Deck.


Hearthstone: Trump Basic Teachings - 09 - The Long Game (Paladin) [End] basic deck

Basic deck - Online spiel

HEROES GUIDES Warrior builds Assassin builds Support builds Specialist builds. If only I had more than 9 deck slots Druid Ramp Druid is a deck that utilizes the mana acceleration from Wild Growth and Innervate to bring out late game minions early in the game. I also run RankOneCoaching. I think these decks would really serve a newbie well, but when you include videos of yourself playing against suspect opponents it makes it seem like you're trying to hide the fact that the decks are bad which they aren't! The Site Latest Contributors Join Premium FAQ Privacy Policy Contact Us.

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